NEW Charles County Law Enforcement Scanner Feed
By Site Admin Jason Adams
January 3, 2013

ScanMD is proud to announce the addition of another new scanner feed for Charles County, MD. now provides a live scanner feed Charles County Sheriff's Office and LaPlata Police.

This scanner feed is provided by and is hosted by www.

The feed is hosted on a site with emergency generator and battery backup in event of a natural disaster or power outage. The feed is located at Mechanicsville VFD Station 22, in Golden Beach, Maryland.

This Feed Will Monitor the Charles County Sheriff's office and LaPlata Police Department radio communications including the following channels: District 1 Main (LaPlata) District 2 Main (Waldorf) District 3 Main (Indian Head) District 4 Main Ops 1-5 Event 1 Event 2

The feed can be listened to at -